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What are pedometers?

A pedometer is a machine that clips onto a belt or trouser line. It measures the approximate distance someone has travelled by counting the number of steps that person has tak (MORE)

What is the deifference between a user manual and a quick reference guide?

Typically a user manual will contain a relatively exhaustive list of issues pertaining to a device, including installation/setup, troubleshooting, and features. A quick refere (MORE)
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What is a user guide?

A user guide ,also known as a manual, is a technical communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system. It step-by-step describes how the (MORE)

Online Reviews of the Most Popular Pedometers

Different pedometers showcase different qualities. Looking at reviews of different pedometers gives you the consumer a good idea of the most appropriate one to purchase.The Fi (MORE)

How to Buy a Custom Pedometer

Sometimes what you find in stores just isn't going to match what you need. This is true for just about anything, including pedometers. If you want to purchase custom pedometer (MORE)
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Choosing a Pedometer Watch

Numerous health organizations recommend that people get 10,000 steps in throughout the course of the day. The only way to make sure that you are getting those steps in is to i (MORE)
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Pedometers That Link to Software

Obesity is a dangerous epidemic that is affecting people of all ages. By getting regular exercise throughout the week, you can see great improvements in both your weight and y (MORE)

Top-selling Pedometers for Monitoring Your Steps Per Day

A pedometer is a useful piece of technology to help you keep track of your fitness goals and ensure you get enough physical activity and movement every day. A pedometer tracks (MORE)

Using Pedometers to Track How Many Steps and How Far You Have Gone

Many people use pedometers as motivation to walk throughout the day and maintain a healthy level of fitness. Regardless of whether a pedometer is an expensive model with many (MORE)

What is the function of a pedometer?

Pedometers practically show you how active you are. They show you the amount of steps you get per day. You should get around 12000 per day. You clip them over the knee on your (MORE)

What is the function of pedometer?

A pedometer is a small device that functions to count one's steps  as they walk. It is a useful weight loss or weight management tool  and a pedometer is small enough to fit (MORE)
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Where can one find a user guide for a Toshiba phone?

One could find a user guide for a Toshiba phone in a few places. One should check to see if there was one included with the phone when purchased. Also check to see if there we (MORE)