Where was the head of the Church located in the Middle Ages?

The Head of the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages was the Pope as it still is today, so the seat of power was in the Holy See in Rome. However in the Crusader States li (MORE)

Lump middle back of head?

some people have protrusions at the back of the occipital bone and this is often completely normal (External Occipital Protruberance). This would be in the middle of the back (MORE)
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What is a wombat?

A wombat is a kind of Australian marsupial that lives in a burrow. They emerge at night or on winter days to feed on grasses and roots. Wombats do not need to drink, and their (MORE)
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Who are the wombats?

a liverpudlian band of singers who have many hits, such as dance to joy division,kill the directorand backfire at the disco

Who was The head of the church in the Middle Ages?

The head of the church in medieval times, as today, was the Pope. For a little while, though, just from 1378 to 1417, there was a split in the church, called the Papal Schi (MORE)