What is the Declaration Act?

Type your answer here... Any fool who is dumb enough to search answers.com for a cheap way out doesnt desrve answers The declaratory act was an act of the parliament of gre (MORE)
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Woolen Act of 1699 declared what?

wool produced in the colonies could only be Britain. Colonists could only wear woolen clothes. Colonists could not were woolen clothes. Wool produced in the colonies (MORE)

Who can declare an act of the President unconstitutional?

Any court in the federal Judicial Branch may declare an Executive Order (or act of the President) unconstitutional if it is relevant to a case or controversy before the Court. (MORE)

Why was the declaration of idependence needed?

To separate the colonies, as we now know today as America, from Britain. The patriots were mad at King George III because he imposed new taxes on them and made them do things (MORE)

What is included in the Declaration of Idependance?

Things that are included in the Declaration of Indpendance is the three God given rights that every person is born with (Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness) As well as Th (MORE)