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The government plans to ease regulations on the amount of mercury allowed into the atmosphere even though mercury has proved to be hazardous to people and wildlife. What might be the government and ac?

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Why do mercury and the moon lack an atmosphere?

Because their small mass makes its gravity too weak to retain much gas around it. ;-)

Why doesn't Mercury have an atmosphere?

One word- gravity.   Mercury is just simply not massive enough to generate the gravity required to hold gases close enough to the surface to create an atmosphere.

What is the atmosphere or Mercury?

The atmosphere of Mercury is made out of hydrogen,helium,oxygen,sodium,calcium,and potassium.

Why does mercury not have atmosphere?

Because it is too small and light. It does not have sufficient gravitational pull (which is proportional to mass) to keep its own atmosphere - the gases just escape.

What are the main gases in the atmosphere of mercury?

42% Molecular oxygen 29.0% sodium 22.0% hydrogen 6.0% helium 0.5% potassium Trace amounts of argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, xenon, krypton, & neon[3]

Why does mercury have a thin atmosphere?

  Its low mass has made it hard for it to retain any gases at all as an atmosphere

Does Mercury have a thin or a thick atmosphere?

Due to its small size and proximity to the Sun, it has an extremely thin atmosphere. Mercury has such a thin atmosphere that it is generally considered  not to have one at al

Does Mercury have an atmosphere?

Mercury does not have what we would call an atmosphere. It is very, very thin , a collection of a few atoms per cubic meter, some being ionized from the surface. It is less th

What is mercurys atmosphere?

it is made of small amounts hydrogen helium and oxygen. it has almost no atmosphere because of the planets gravity.
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Why is Mercury hazardous to your health?

Mercury is a poisonous substance. Also it is normally in liquid form and evaporates so that gaseous mercury ian be easily breathed in.   Exposure to mercury (particularly i
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Does the planet Mercury have an atmosphere?

Mercury has almost no atmosphere. The planet's small size means that its gravity is too weak to hold down a normal atmosphere. There is a very thin atmosphere around the plane