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The government plans to ease regulations on the amount of mercury allowed into the atmosphere even though mercury has proved to be hazardous to people and wildlife. What might be the government and ac?

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Ac in 2000 mercury sable ls blows hot air out even though ac coolant is full?

This is the answer. The computer causes this failure. Simply pull the negative battery cable off for 10 minutes. Put it back and you have cold air again. This happens all the

Why is the surface temperature of Venus higher than Mercury even though Mercury is closer to the sun?

While Mercury is closer to the Sun, the atmosphere of Venus traps the heat under the highly toxic levels of CO2, which could be something to say that Global Warming is caused

Why is there no atmosphere in Mercury?

There is no atmosphere in Mercury due to the the combination of two  factors:   1) Due to the high average temperature on Mercury makes individual  molecules of the atmo

Why does mercury not have atmosphere?

Because it is too small and light. It does not have sufficient gravitational pull (which is proportional to mass) to keep its own atmosphere - the gases just escape.

What are the main gases in the atmosphere of mercury?

42% Molecular oxygen 29.0% sodium 22.0% hydrogen 6.0% helium 0.5% potassium Trace amounts of argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, xenon, krypton, & neon[3]

Why does Mercury have no atmosphere?

It is much smaller than Earth, so has less gravity to hold an atmosphere. Also, its nearness to the Sun means that many molecules have been blasted away by the solar winds (st

What regulates voltage for mercury outboard?

It would depend on the stator used. On the 9 amp stator, a regulator is not used due to the low voltage output, this system has a rectifier only. The 16, 32, and 40 amp system
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Why is Mercury hazardous to your health?

Mercury is a poisonous substance. Also it is normally in liquid form and evaporates so that gaseous mercury ian be easily breathed in.   Exposure to mercury (particularly i