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The government plans to ease regulations on the amount of mercury allowed into the atmosphere even though mercury has proved to be hazardous to people and wildlife. What might be the government and ac?

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What causes the turn signals not to work unless the emergency hazard switch is on even though the hazard lights do not work on a 1997 Mercury Sable?

  Answer     I just checked my '97 Sable wagon for a related problem; (HAZARD LIGHTS DO NOT FLASH but my Turn Signals do). I checked the HAZARD FUSE (15 amp), it

Why does Mercury have no atmosphere?

It is much smaller than Earth, so has less gravity to hold an atmosphere. Also, its nearness to the Sun means that many molecules have been blasted away by the solar winds (st

Ac in 2000 mercury sable ls blows hot air out even though ac coolant is full?

This is the answer. The computer causes this failure. Simply pull the negative battery cable off for 10 minutes. Put it back and you have cold air again. This happens all the

Why is there no atmosphere in Mercury?

There is no atmosphere in Mercury due to the the combination of two  factors:   1) Due to the high average temperature on Mercury makes individual  molecules of the atmo

Should you get your child the flu shot even though it has mercury in it?

Yes. The amount of mercury in a single dose of the flu vaccination is approximately equivalent to a meal of fish. As long as the child is over 6 months old a flu vaccine is hi

Does the government put mercury in food and stuff?

Yes it is. Mercury is in everything no matter what. some governments don't know this and try and take it out but they cant. Mercury is natural in somethings. just like mercury