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What is an Islamic religious leader called?

The Islamic religious leader is called the Imam, however in Islam God has said that everyone is equal and that their is no leader, the Imam is mainly used to teach people abou

What are the Mormon religious leaders called?

There are many hierarchical positions, the the top leaders of the LDS church are called Prophets, with the current leading Prophet being Thomas S. Monson. Including that posit

Who was the leader elected to office in Switzerland?

Switzerland has a president as head of state. There is a different president each year, starting on 1st January. The president for 2012 is Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf. Previous

What you called a Hindu religious leader?

   Rather than a prescribed set of spiritual mandates, or canons, Hinduism, often referred to as the oldest religion in the world, is an aggregate of philosophical and in

Was the leader of Canada elected for office?

Yes and no.    The Prime Minister of Canada is the leader of the political party  that is able to form a government because it has sufficient support  in Parliament,

What is the religious leader called in Buddhism?

The answer to this depends on which tradition of Buddhism is being  discussed.    For example, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism (and perhaps the most  respected Buddhis