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The system of electing religious leaders to office is called aan?

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What is the voodoo religious leader called?

frequently they are just called "priest" or "priestess" or will adopt the title of "papa" or "mama". I know I've encountered a specific title in the past, but have forgotten i

What are Jewish religious leaders called?

Spiritual leaders are called Rabbis. The person who leads prayers during religious services are called cantors. Judaism is not a centralised religion and doesn't have the hier

What is an Islamic religious leader called?

The Islamic religious leader is called the Imam, however in Islam God has said that everyone is equal and that their is no leader, the Imam is mainly used to teach people abou

A jewish religious leader and teacher is called?

The Ashkenazic Jews, call him a Rabbi or Rebbe. While the Sephardic jews call him a Chacham (lit. a wise person). Rabbi and Chacham are their titles as well.

What do you call someone elected to office?

A person elected to office is called an elected official. People  must vote for an elected official through elections that are for  city, state, or federal government positi