The term ERR Paraprofessional keeps coming up at my sons school surrounding special needs kids and I was hoping someone could tell me what it means?

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Could someone tell me what 14ed3 means?

Answer . Because your question had no context, a search on the internet for "14ed3" resulted in some interesting results discussing positive integers. Take a look at the f

How do you tell someone special how much they mean to you?

Answer . You should find out a way to c them in person but not on the fone if u do it on the fone they might think that it is some 1 eltz bein you. so meet them in person

Sorry to sound like an uninformed Canadian but could someone please tell me what it means to letter in a high school or college sport?

Having never played high school or college sports I am sure someone could answer this better than myself, however, 'letter' is a slang term meaning that someone has made an at

What does it mean when someone tells you to keep your self respect?

Self respect means to care and love who you are. People who don't have self respect do not value themselves which can ultimately lead to trouble. Are you acting in a manner th

Hey i was hoping someone could give me good and in depth tips about how to strike up a good convo with a girl and keep it flowing any tips?

Depends on the context of the meeting... . But just start with the basic questions...where she's from, how she knows whoever, what she does etc.....if she's responsive and l

What does the phrase 'all kids need is a little help and a little hope and someone to believe in them' mean?

This statement means that children need to have some help from adults in order to learn and grow up into healthy adults. For your essay, think of ways that adults can help kid
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Could someone tell you how long verjuice keeps?

kept in its original sealed bottle verjuice will keep indefinitely - it oxidises a bit and turns orange then dull red to a brick brown over years - slower in dark cupboard - b

Could someone please tell me what 'Accepted all special requests' means on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky means?

Five legendary pokemon will challenge you to fights. Jirachi at Wish Cave, Mewtwo at Sky Stairway, Suicune at Treacherous Waters, Raikou at Southeastern Islands, Ent