There's a family reunion happening for this specific familythe following family members are present mother father sister brother uncleaunt niece nephew and cousins the catch however is that there are?

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Is a niece and nephew on opposite sides of the family related?

Answer No. They are not related--if this is what you mean...If your father has a nephew, and your mother has a are related to BOTH of them (1st cousins). However, they are not related to each other (unless, of course, your parents themselves are cousins...etc.)

What is a word that covers nieces and nephews like siblings does brother and sisters?

A term that covers nieces and nephews . Nibling denotes gender neutral noun of the son or daughter of a , more commonly known as a or a . . Overview . The term was coined to accom ( Full Answer )

Your father wishes to gift his property to you and your 7 brothers and sisters Is an irrevocable trust the best way to do this and how would the family members take title to the property?

Father can simply execute a deed naming all 8 family members as the new owners, and perhaps reserve a life estate for himself. There may be gift tax implications if the property given is worth more than, say, $88,000 (the $11,000 annual U.S. exemption for individual gifts, times the number of people ( Full Answer )

The mother father son daughter uncle aunt brother sister cousin nephew and niece of a family are all present at a family gathering A photo is taken of them all What is the least number of people?

Grrrrreat question 4 people is enough. I and my friend Maziar discuss about it and we deduce that 4 is the least number of peoples I explain it 1 man that is brother of 1 woman the man has 1 son , and the woman has 1 daughter they are 4 people the woman is the MOTHER the man is the ( Full Answer )

Your fathers cousin dies and left her home to a church that is no longer active you are her only living family member What happens to the house?

It is possible that you would get the house, however there are several considerations. First, if the church is not active in the sense that it is not operating but is still listed as an existing non-profit corporation, then the house would most likely still go to the church. If the church is no long ( Full Answer )

The smith family has a mother and father and 7 daughters each daughter has one brother how many people are in the family?

Common MISTAKE :16 because 2 parents + 7 girls=9 and if EACH girl has one brother add 7 to 9 and that's 16! Uhhh no duh.. its 16 is this a trick question? i think the part that says each daughter has one brother is supposed to be the tricky part.. but its definetly not.. Proper correct answer Ha ( Full Answer )

What are family reunions about?

Family reunions are about reconnecting relatives where sharing past and present experiences are the highlights other than just fellowships. Getting to know the past and present relatives they never met. A closer tie or stronger bonding as the end result

What is the family relationship between my grand mother's niece nephew and me?

According to the table at Your common ancestor is your Great grandparent (you are their Great grandchild - Row 3). Your Grandmother's niece/nephew is their brother/sisters child making them your Great grandparent's grandchild (c ( Full Answer )

Niece is nephew as brother is to what?

sister No it would be Niece is to Nephew as Sister is to Brother. Niece and sister are both female, nephew and brother are both male.

Is niece family?

In relation to you:. A niece is the female child of your sibling. So yes, she is family through blood.. afterthought* Unless of course she is adopted, then it's not by blood - but family none-the-less.

What family members can do to help pregnant mothers?

I am an 18 year old, I have three god children. all my best friends are ending up pregnant. the best thing family members can do to help pregnant mothers is be very supportive. cautious on the pregnant woman's moods. & Help a little when you notice a struggle. stress is very bad for a pregnant mothe ( Full Answer )

How do you apply for the Sheetzs Family Christmas for your niece and nephews?

You don't apply for it. The Sheetz Family Christmas group will tell your local participating Salvation Army to pick a certain amt of children (ex. our local chapter picks out 14 children this year) out of the community. Since they choose the children to be involved, there is no application process. ( Full Answer )

What just happens in the sisters' family in 'Antigone'?

The death of their twin brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, and the issuing of a controversial decree are what just happen in the family of Antigone and Ismene. Eteocles and Polyneices are supposed to alternate years in a power sharing arrangement in the aftermath of the disgrace of their father and ( Full Answer )

What is a family reunion?

It is a get together with your family. Usually all of your family,even distant relatives.

Is a cousin a direct family member?

Often the family you live with is considered your immeadiate family. If you were killed they would be the first people contacted etc. so by this definition no, your cousin is not a direct family member. Often 'direct' family members are your parents, siblings etc.

Must there always be a mother and a father in a family?

No, not always. There are single moms and even single dads looking after their kids. Other kids may have two dads or two moms on their family. Some kids may have two dads AND two moms, especially if their biological parents filed for a divorce and married someone else. Kids can also have foster mom ( Full Answer )

Why some women finds a way to offend their husband's sisters by ignoring them and taking advantage of the sisters' craving to see their brothers nieces or nephews?

Maybe A. She doesn't get along with his sister therefore doesn't want to fulfill any desires that she has B. She may have jealousy of the sister-brother relationship when she comes around C. She may not approve of how the Aunt handles the children D. She may find satisfaction in being needed Or coul ( Full Answer )

Did the wright brothers have any family members?

yes they did and here is the family members. . Wilbur wright . Orville wright . Katharine wright (youngest) . Lorin wright (second son) . Reuchlin wright (the eldest child) . Milton wright (father) . Susan wright (mother)

Can your cousins kid be your nephew or niece?

If your cousin is married to one of your siblings, their children would be nephews and nieces, and also cousins once removed to your children. About half the states allow first cousins to marry, the rest allow no closer relationship than second cousins between marital partners. Another way it cou ( Full Answer )

Are cousins the only family members that can be removed?

Yes. The term cousin is very broad, covering any different relationships between people descended from siblings. When you get more specific than simply "cousin," to describe more clearly which cousins type, then you talk about first, second, third, etc., cousins, and the term "removed" is used, as i ( Full Answer )

What kind of activities happen at a family reunion?

A typical family reunion will assemble grandparents , great-grandparents and up for a meal, some recreation and discussion. The older attendees are generally grandparents, parents , siblings or first cousins while the youngest could be second, third or fourth cousins. It is also not uncommon for reg ( Full Answer )