How do you know when it's time for a divorce?

Answer . Every relationship has its up's and down's, so if you are reading this, it is likely that your relationship is on a down. Remember the good times, remember why yo (MORE)

Were does a horses spend it's time?

Horses spend there time in their stall in the stable or in a pasture or paddock. Sometimes they ride in a horse trailor when being transported. Horses love spending time in th (MORE)
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Who sings it's time for me to fly?

The song titled Time for Me to Fly, is done by REO Speedwagon. Lead singer Kevin Cronin sings the song. It was released on their album titled You Can Tune a Piano But You Can' (MORE)
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What time is it when it's 1030?

Half past ten either in the morning or at night. So half an hour (30 minutes) before 11 o'clock. If on a 24 hour clock then 10:30 at night is known as 22:30