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Through music literature and painting the romantic artists attempted to do what?

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What is dark romantic literature?

  Romantic literature is literature that is very emotional, artists during the Romantic Movement tried to evoke emotion through their creation. In a way, the artists focus

What is a history of the romantic period in English Literature?

Romanticism is a literary movement that began around 1789 and emphasizes themes such as dreams and visions, pantheism, the self, and emotion and feeling. Historically it was i

What artists painted to music?

Lena Karpinsky (Canadian artist) has a large collection of music paintings Click link below!
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What are the musical style of romantic music?

Romantic music (such as that of Tchaikovsky and Schumann) consists of emotional, sometimes dream-like ideas behind the music. The style is often legato and extra dramatic, con

What is neoclassical literature and romantic literature?

Neoclassical literature is literature that was prevalent in the age of Neoclassicism. Neoclassicism is a name given to the movements in decorative art, literature, music, thea

What is the difference between Romantic literature and Civil War Literature?

Each label refers to the type of literature being written and the time period it was written in. The Romantic Period is conventionally applied to the time from 1800 - 1830. Ro