Two alleles for a certain trait are passed to an individual. what terms refers to the trait that will show up in the individual?

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Why does an individual carry only two genes for a certain trait?

Answer . You have 2 alleles for each trait you may have. One is on the chromosome from you mother, the other is on the other chromosome from your father. You have 2 of e

How many alleles for one trait can an individual have?

2 alleles per trait Normally two for qualitative trait and many for quantitative trait in a 2n individual.

What Describes an individual that has two alleles for a trait?

Theoretically, each trait has at least two alleles, one inherited maternally, and one inherited paternally. If the two alleles are different then the individual is termed hete

What is the term for the specific alleles of an individual for a particular trait?

alleles. Specificity in the name of each allele can only be given if the trait is designated. For example, in horses, the allele E is the dominant allele at the extension s