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Two ways people have increased carbon dioxide in the air?

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Do air conditioners produce carbon dioxide?

No, air conditioners just blow out hot or cold air, so they don't produce carbon dioxide. The use of air conditioners adds to carbon dioxide emissions because energy is used

Describe three ways carbon dioxide gets into air?

Carbon dioxide can be added to the air by nature or by people and their activities. Three Natural ways: Forest fires and VolcanoesDecompositionAnimal/plant respiration Three

Is carbon dioxide air?

Welll... CO2 is a component of healthy air (at the current global average of 387 ppm), but breathing it by itself (or even at 7 to 10 percent concentration) it would be consid

Is carbon dioxide heavier than air?

Carbon dioxide is denser than air.   The density of carbon dioxide is 1,977 g/L at 0 0C and standard  pressure.   The density of air (the so called International Stan

How does the ocean take carbon dioxide from the air?

Carbon dioxide dissolves in water, forming carbonic acid. Only a certain amount can dissolve, however, because at a certain point the water is saturated. So the ocean can remo

What would happen if there was an increase in carbon dioxide?

An increase in plant growth would be the way the earth could naturally balance a rise in carbon dioxide. But if the associated temperature increase predominantly converted tro

Why does deforestation increase the carbon dioxide in the air?

Forests store carbon, sequestering it from the atmosphere. Deforestation means the timber may be used and eventually converted to carbon dioxide, or left to rot, which also me

What are the consequences of the increase of carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is a dangerous greenhouse gas, so any increase of it in the atmosphere will lead to the earth warming. Just a few degrees would mean immense damage to our plane

What does carbon dioxide do to the air?

Carbon Dioxide is an interesting gas in our atmosphere. There is no question that is is a gas that contributes to the overall warming of our planet and is therefore referred t