Two ways people have increased carbon dioxide in the air?

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Is the air oxygen or carbon dioxide?

Air is a mixture of gasses. In order of decreasing abundance theyare: Nitrogen: ~78% Oxygen: ~ 21% Argon: ~ 1% Water vapor ~ 0.4% (variable) Carbon dioxide: 0.04% Other gasse

Which Human activity does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air?

Riding a bicycle is carbon neutral, which means it has no carbon footprint. It does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Many other human activities, part

How does carbon dioxide affect the air?

It is a rare gas in the atmosphere making up about 0.039% of the atmosphere in the summer in Hawaii. It allows for plants to live and provides a small portion of the warmth

How does carbon dioxide get in the air?

From the cars imitting gas into the air creates an atmosphere like a greenhouse. Also, when trees die, the carbon dioxide they have collected gets put into the air.

Why is there carbon dioxide in the air?

Carbon Dioxide is in the air as the result of human respiration and other factors. It is a necessary ingrediant for plant survival which in turn causes human survival.

Does carbon dioxide float in air?

Carbon Dioxide is heavier than air. It does mix with air though.

What releases carbon dioxide into the air?

Any burning (with oxygen) of carbon containing fuels: hydrocarbons, carbohydrates, alcohol, carbon black, natural gas, petrol etc. releases carbon dioxide (and mostly also dih

Does carbon dioxide pollute the air?

Carbon dioxide in the air is both necessary and a concern. At higher levels( above 300 ppm) it promotes the Greenhouse Effect leading to climate change. At normal levels it

What are two ways Carbon Dioxide gets into the air?

Carbon dioxide can be added to the air by nature or by people and their activities. Two Natural ways: . Decomposition of dead plants and animals . Animal/plant respir