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Undocumented aliens are most common in what states?

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Can you marry an undocumented alien without problems in your home state or the state you live in?

One attorney's advice I live in Texas, and recently became engaged to a Mexican woman (undocumented). The truth is, this woman and I love each other and intend to live togeth

What are two controversies surrounding undocumented aliens?

People have a few main issues over undocumented aliens. One is that  they don't pay taxes yet they are still entitled to services like  schools and hospitals. Another is tha

What state is most common for the metals?

It depends at what temperature. If we talk about room temperature then a natural state of a metal like Mercury is liquid (same as some non-metals like glass) while others like

Should employers be punished for hiring undocumented aliens?

They should definitely be punished because they hired them without proof of who they were. They also made an a assumption of who that person was without legal documents so the

Can you legalize an undocumented alien by marrying them?

No, unfortunately an undocumented alien must have legal documentation before most people would be willing to marry you. If you can find someone to marry you, then you are in l

Can a permanent resident and an undocumented alien register as domestic partners?

Generally yes. There is no citizenship requirement for domestic partnership registry. There is, however, usually a residence requirement. Both partners must typically present

Can you fly between states if you are undocumented?

Travel between states in the US is not really regulated. No passport is required, and with the exception of flying out of the state of Alabama, there would be no issue with ac

Why do people keep calling illegal aliens undocumented immigrants?

It comes down to a disturbing US trend of the last few years called "political correctness." The fact remains that if you are in this country without proper documentation, you

What will healthcare reform deny undocumented aliens?

Contrary to some online myths, there is nothing in the health care reform law that gives health care benefits to undocumented immigrants. I enclose a link to the law, so you c