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What is a phone upgrade?

it is when u go to ur phone comany and they take ur old phone and give u a new one and if it is the same price as ur old phone it is free and if it isntu have to pay the extra (MORE)

How much is it to upgrade to an iPhone 3G?

  Apple is currently charging $99 for the 8 gigabyte 3g. However, for $199/$299, you can get the 16 gigabyte 3g S/32 gigabyte 3g S. The 3g S is faster and has features li (MORE)

How do you upgrade to iPhone 3gs?

  if you bought an iphone 3g a month before the date it was in stores than u pay 15 or so to get it upgraded. if not well ur out of luck
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Where can you upgrade your phone?

You can upgrade at your local carriers store but you can also upgrade on the internet. Most of the time Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Nextel have much higher prices in their (MORE)

How do you upgrade firmware on iPhone 3gs?

software updates for the iphones, ipads, and ipods all use itunes. the 3gs is capable of running apple's newest 5.0.1 software which brings icloud, notification center, and (MORE)