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What is an user agent?

A user agent (or useragent/user-agent) is the browser that you use to view this site. When a software agent operates in a network protocol, it often identifies itself, its app (MORE)

Single user vs multi user vs network user?

single user os are those os where only one user  access the resources of the operating system at a time .the  resources of operating system 'll not allocate to any other use (MORE)

How does single-user mode differ from muliti user mode?

Single user mode is designed primarily for systems administration. As such, the system will only load minimal drivers and processes necessary for that administration. Most dis (MORE)
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Who is a road user?

road users are people who use the road.bicycles, cars, pedestrians (of all ages) and also people on horses.
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What are user norms?

User norms or program norms consist of descriptive statistics based on a group of testtakers in a given period, rather than norms obtained by formal sampling methods.
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What is user mode?

The user mode is :a mode that prvides an interface between the application and the OS and only has access to the hardware resources through rhe code running in kernel mode .Ty (MORE)

Which user group has more rights power user or administrator?

Administrator has more rights; Power users account can read from and write to parts of the system other than their own local drive, install applications and perform limited ad (MORE)
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What is a user guide?

A user guide ,also known as a manual, is a technical communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system. It step-by-step describes how the (MORE)

What is user mobility?

user mobility refers to a user who has access to the same or similar telecommunication service at different place. i.e. the user can be a mobile, and the services will follow (MORE)