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What is a bear?

A bear is a mammal belonging to the family Ursidae. All members of Ursidae are plantigrade, meaning they walk on flat feet instead of on their toes. Their paws have five claws (MORE)
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What does a bear do?

Although they are classified as carnivores, or meat-eaters, bears are really omnivores, like we are. They eat meat and plants. About 90% of the diet of eastern black bears is (MORE)

What do bears do?

...they are born. they eat, sleep,grow, dispose of their wastes, multiply, and eventually die. Like any other living organism.
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What is the bearing?

Have you ever heard of roller blade bearings? Do you know their applications? According to this name, we can predict that this type of bearing can be used in rollerblades. It (MORE)
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What do bears have?

Bears have paws, ears, tails (they are small), a nose, ears, a mouth with sharp teeth, fur, and some other basic things.
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Is the Spectacled bear a real bear?

Yes, the Spectacled bear, also known as Andean bear, is a real bear. It lives in the Andes mountains of South America. The binomial name is Tremarctos ornatus. The name comes (MORE)

Are grizzly bears the strongest bears?

Well I'd say that it probably isn't. There are many different species of bear. Polar Bear, Black Bear, Sun Bear, Specticled Bear, Grizzly, Panda and so on but I'd say that the (MORE)
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What can bears do?

Bears eat, sleep, poop, and protect their cubs. If it feels like its going to be attacked or feels threatened, it will attack.
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How do you get a bearing?

A compass Go to the B2B for bearing is good Our corporation is specialized in handling the export business of various bearings. For example, Bicycle Bearings, (MORE)