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Do bears eat bears?

Male bears will eat cubs if they find them. While savage, it ensures that the male has less competition for limited food resources; it is up to the female to defend the cubs, (MORE)

Is the Spectacled bear a real bear?

Yes, the Spectacled bear, also known as Andean bear, is a real bear. It lives in the Andes mountains of South America. The binomial name is Tremarctos ornatus. The name comes (MORE)

Is polar bear the largest bear?

The Polar Bear is the largest species of bear, however, the Kodiak Bear, a sub species of Brown Bears, has been known to grow larger than Polar Bears. They live on the Alaskan (MORE)

Is it 'Smokey the Bear' or 'Smokey Bear'?

It is 'Smokey Bear'. There is no "the" in his name. That was added by songwriters to make their song sound better. Check the National Forest Service's history of Smokey Bear a (MORE)

Why is a bear market called bear?

Most people agree that the words "Bull" and "Bear" came from fights in the Midwest they would chain a bear to a stake, and release a bull to charge it. the bull would thrust i (MORE)

Is the panda bear a bear?

Yes, since it does belong in the bear family or the Genus Ursa.Pandas are a mixture of raccoons and bears says recent studies. Yes it is a bear, its the worlds oldest living b (MORE)

What does the polar bear bear eat?

mostly sealsAnswer They eat a wide variety of wild foods, including muskox, reindeer, birds, eggs, rodents, shellfish, crabs, and other polar bears. They may also eat plants, (MORE)

What is a bear?

A bear is a large mammal which comes in many diffrerent types, such  as the Polar bear, the black bear, the Grizzly bear and a few  others. They are usually quite large and (MORE)

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