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What is salmon loaf?

  Salmon loaf is generally made from a 15-ounce can of salmon, drained and deboned, mixed with a quantity of bread crumbs -- dried or fresh, milk, egg, chopped onion, snip (MORE)

Who were Elizabeth I lovers?

  Well a great subject of historical debate in my opinion but sadly one that will never be answered in full. However it can be noted that Elizabeth I had a number of admir (MORE)

Who were Aphrodite's lovers?

Aphrodite was Adonis' lover. Perhaps Aphrodite's best known lover was Ares, god of war, who was also her husband (at least in later versions), but is also reported to have had (MORE)

Who were Nyx's lovers?

Erebos, the primal god of darkness was her consort, and Chronus a deity of time are said sometimes to be her lover. However, many of her children she produced alone.
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What is the flower of lovers?

  Flowers of Love   If I had to bet, and I am not a betting man, I would have to put all my money on RED Roses as being the flower of lovers......Yellow roses are for (MORE)

Who is the lover of Lelouch?

Lelouch and Shirley were something of an "almost official couple"  after the events of R2 episode 12. He also had affectionate scenes  with C.C. and Kallen but was never in (MORE)

Who are Poseidon's lovers?

Poseidon had many lovers just like his brother Zeus. Poseiden, as like Zeus and other head Gods, had many lovers. Non were good enough to marry because they were either human (MORE)

Understanding the Definition and Importance of Social Loafing

Social loafing is something that exists in business and education. Any time a large group is formed for the purpose of completing a project, social loafing could take place. B (MORE)

Authentic Southern Food: Traditional Country-style Glazed Ham Loaf

For Sunday dinner or any night of the week, try this glazed ham loaf recipe for your family or guests. Serve it with a side of boiled, cubed potatoes and steamed broccoli with (MORE)