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What is a diaper lover?

A diaper lover is someone who has a desire to wear diapers even if  they don't need to. This is not associated with pedophilia or child  molesters. If you suspect someone to (MORE)

What is salmon loaf?

  Salmon loaf is generally made from a 15-ounce can of salmon, drained and deboned, mixed with a quantity of bread crumbs -- dried or fresh, milk, egg, chopped onion, snip (MORE)

What is a fickle lover?

  A fickle lover is one who says he/she loves you and then turns around and loves someone else. It can be at the same time. A familiar phrase from the old days was "Love t (MORE)

How do you define loafing?

  Loafing is defined as spending too much time resting or engaging in pleasurable activities so as to be neglectful toward regular work or duties.
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Who were Demeter's lovers?

Demeter's immortal lovers were Poseidon & Zeus, her mortal lovers were Jasion, Karmanor and Mekon.
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What are cat lovers?

Someone who really loves or even obsessed about cats. Sometimes used as oppose to dog lovers.
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Who were Elizabeth I lovers?

  Well a great subject of historical debate in my opinion but sadly one that will never be answered in full. However it can be noted that Elizabeth I had a number of admir (MORE)

What is a Petrarchan lover?

Someone who is in love with the idea of being in love. A Petrarchan lover derives it's meaning from the Italian poet, Petrarch, self-proclaimed father of the Renaissance. Petr (MORE)

What is the flower of lovers?

  Flowers of Love   If I had to bet, and I am not a betting man, I would have to put all my money on RED Roses as being the flower of lovers......Yellow roses are for (MORE)
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