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What is salmon loaf?

Salmon loaf is generally made from a 15-ounce can of salmon, drained and deboned, mixed with a quantity of bread crumbs -- dried or fresh, milk, egg, chopped onion, snipped or (MORE)

How do you get a lover?

Be yourself. If you have to act out of character to get someone, it's going to back fire on you. And when you start showing your true colors it's going to burn to ashes. So sa (MORE)

What rhymes with loaf?

Oaf. oak, bloke, soap, clothe, globe, mope, slope, poke, soak, pope, grope, nomb, rome, . houff . knouff . plouff . plouffe . shoaf . shoaff . sroufe

What is loaf sugar?

Loaf sugar, more accurately a sugarloaf, is the traditional final product of sugar processing. After the final boiling process of cane or beet sugar juice, the liquid is poure (MORE)
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Can i get a lover?

Yes, just wait he or she will come to you. Answer improved by: Basketballrachel. p.s. don't kill yourself, that other person was just being a weirdo.

How do you spell loafs?

The spelling "loafs" can be used for the verb to loaf (3rd person singular, present tense). However, the plural of the noun loaf (e.g. bread) is loaves .