What are Blu-ray movies?

blue ray discs are DVDs that have a blue and soft covering on the back of the disk. You can ONLY play them on blue ray players(spelled Blu Ray) and the PS3.

How do you watch Blu-ray movies on your computer?

You would either need to buy a Blue-Ray equipped computer, or have a blue ray drive installed in a 5.25" Bay on your computer. See Related Links for an example.
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How do you watch Blu-ray movies?

You have to have a Blu-Ray player. To watch the movie in high definition, an HD television is needed. However, almost all Bluray players have an analog, standard definition ou (MORE)

What are the 3 discs in Blu-ray movies?

Hello, dear, specifically do u mean the three region codes for blu-ray disc , not the 3 discs in bluray movies Many Blu-Ray titles are sold now as a 3-disc set. One will be (MORE)
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How do you burn a Blu-ray movie?

I now use a Mac and I have google the blu-ray burn for mac,at last I found a program named leawo blu-ray creator for mac and I have download the trial to do the burning.It is (MORE)
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Can laptops play Blu-ray movies?

Some can if it has a Blu-ray drive. It also requires movie player software and the correct display codec (otherwise the Blu Ray drive would be usable for data transfer onl (MORE)