What are Blu-ray movies?

blue ray discs are DVDs that have a blue and soft covering on the back of the disk. You can ONLY play them on blue ray players(spelled Blu Ray) and the PS3.

How do you watch Blu-ray movies?

You have to have a Blu-Ray player. To watch the movie in high definition, an HD television is needed. However, almost all Bluray players have an analog, standard definition ou (MORE)

What are the 3 discs in Blu-ray movies?

Hello, dear, specifically do u mean the three region codes for blu-ray disc , not the 3 discs in bluray movies Many Blu-Ray titles are sold now as a 3-disc set. One will be (MORE)
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How do you burn a Blu-ray movie?

I now use a Mac and I have google the blu-ray burn for mac,at last I found a program named leawo blu-ray creator for mac and I have download the trial to do the burning.It is (MORE)

Where can Blu-ray movies be purchased?

The days of specialist music and video stores are almost over but most supermarkets and department stores sell movies on Bluray and DVD. There are way too many online stores (MORE)
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Can laptops play Blu-ray movies?

Some can if it has a Blu-ray drive. It also requires movie player software and the correct display codec (otherwise the Blu Ray drive would be usable for data transfer onl (MORE)