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What is the diameter of a blast hole and the effective diameter of a blast?

Holes for blasting vary in size from an inch to several inches depending on the application. Depth will vary across applications as well. The effective diameter of a blast wil

What were the primary effects of the Kobe earthquake?

Over 200,000 buildings collapsed, killing 5,000 and making 300,000 homeless also many buildings sunk into the ground due to liquefaction. Also the Hanshin Expressway was virtu

What are primary effects?

Primary effects are those consequences that directly happen because  of a stimulus. For example, melting of plastic is a primary effect  of heating.

What were the primary effects of the Gujarat Earthquake?

Primary Effects:  30 000+ deaths, 55 000 injuries, 1 000 000+ people homeless  That is wrong! Primary effects are the immediate effects of the earthquake. For example - buil

What are the primary and secondary effects of an earthquake?

A primary affect is what happens during and throughout the day of  the earthquake. Earthquake primary effects may include:    landslides  trees collapsing  buildings

Primary effect of earthquake in haiti?

the primary affects of the earthquake are damaged housing and destruction of infrastructure. death can also be a primary effect of earthquakes and also lack of supplies e.g fo