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What does a sports broadcaster do?

A sports broadcaster selects, writes, and delivers coverage of sporting events and shows that are aires on television or radio stations. They may also provide pre, during, or (MORE)

ESPN sports reporter What do you have to do to become an ESPN sports reporter?

Try to get a degree and a job at a local news station (doesn't have to be in sports). Once you've done that, get to know the sports anchor(s) for that station and make sure it (MORE)
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What are all the sports ESPN broadcasts?

LPGA Tour on ESPN . 1979-2009 . Selected majors through deals with their respective sanctioning bodies Champ Car World Series on ESPN . 1992-2001 . 2007 (series merge (MORE)

How many sports does ESPN offer?

ESPN's website offers coverage of at least 35 different sports depending on what is in season. Sports are further broken down by professional and college level, men's and wom (MORE)

What companies carry ESPN Sports?

Most major cable and satellite companies carry ESPN Sports and many of its hybrid stations such as ESPNU. While ESPN Sports tends to be part of the standard package in the maj (MORE)

Who are broadcasters for ESPN sports?

The ESPN Sports broadcasters include: Chris Bierman, Chris Fowler, Jon Gruden, Kirk Herbstreit and Andrea Mitchell. There are a variety of sports categories and many gifted br (MORE)

What channels broadcast ESPN Football on TV?

ESPN football is available on many channels, including but not limited to ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, Watch ESPN, ESPNEWS, ESPN 3D USA, ESPN Deportes, NBC, and NBC Sports Network.