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Was Horatio Gates a loyalist or patriot?

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Why was horatio gates nickname granny gates?

Because of his cautionary, conservative tactics in comparison to  Benedict Arnold's more direct approach. Benedict Arnold was the  first to speak of Gates as "Granny Gates."

How did Horatio Gates die?

Horatio Gates was born on July 26, 1727. The cause of his death was  simply old age. He passed away on April 10, 1806 at the age of 78  years old.

Who were patriots and loyalist?

Patriots were those who supported resistence to the policies of King George and his ministers. Loyalists were American colonists that remained loyal to the kingdom of Great Br

Who were the patriots and who were the loyalists?

The patriots were the revolutionaries fighting for the independence of the colonies, whereas the loyalists remained loyal to the crown and The United Kingdom hence the name, l

Loyalist and patriot?

a patriot is an American who supported independence..patriots have many advantages...such as having their great leader,George Washington.Now a loyalist is a person who remaine

Who was Horatio Gates?

Horatio Gates was born to a couple in the service of Peregrine Osborne, 2nd Duke of Leeds, at Maldon, England in 1727.. Gates received a lieutenant's commission in the Britis

You are a patriot in a loyalist vs patriots debate?

As a Patriot, you are strongly in favor of independence from England with the intent to establish a new government that fits the new world. Your neighbors may be Loyalists who

I am a patriot in a Patriot vs. Loyalist debate?

Ask the Loyalists: How do you benefit by supporting the king? What benefits do you get from the taxes you pay? Why should the colonists be taxed? Is it really worth it