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Was Horatio Gates a loyalist or patriot?

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Who are the loyalists and the patriots?

Answer   From an American point of view the Patriots were the English colonists wanting to break away from England while The Loyalists were the English colonists who oppo

Who were the patriots and loyalists?

During The Revolutionary War, people either sided with the king, loyalists, or people who wanted freedom, patriots. Neutralists were the group who sided with any, they simply

Loyalists and patriots?

Yes this is, Loyalists were people who were loyal to the King, Patriots were people who wanted freedom from the KIng

Loyalist and patriot?

a patriot is an American who supported independence..patriots have many advantages...such as having their great leader,George Washington.Now a loyalist is a person who remaine

Who was Horatio Gates?

Horatio Gates was born to a couple in the service of Peregrine Osborne, 2nd Duke of Leeds, at Maldon, England in 1727.. Gates received a lieutenant's commission in the Britis

Who were the Loyalists and the Patriots?

During the Revolutionary War, there were 3 groups, Patriots who supported American freedom, Loyalists, who supported Britain, and Neutralists, who did not take any side.

Who were patriots and loyalist?

Patriots were those who supported resistence to the policies of King George and his ministers. Loyalists were American colonists that remained loyal to the kingdom of Great Br

What is a loyalist and patriot?

A loyalist was considered a person from the colonies that didn't want to break away from England. Their reasons for not wanting to varied, but for most of them it was #1 fear

Who are the loyalist and the patriots?

In reference to United States history loyalists and patriots were the people living in the original thirteen colonies. Loyalists were loyal to the British government and there