Was World War I inevitable?

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Was US entrance into World War 1 avoidable or inevitable?

Avoidable. . Avoidable as long as Germany held off on unrestricted subnmarine warfare - indeed most unlikely to happen without that.. Once that decision had been taken, muc

Was World War 2 inevitable?

That war was in NO WAY inevitable but I don't have nearly enough time to list all the ways it could have been prevented. Read "The Unnecessary War" by Patricia Meehan and you'

Was American entry into world war one inevitable?

There are diverse points of view on this question, but personally I think that we can say that it was both inevitable and avoidable at the same because America at the origin,

Was World War 2 an inevitable conclusion to World War 1?

Neither war was inevitable. Much of the mess left by World War 1and the ensuing peace made a re-match a distinct possibility, butdisaster might have been averted by more far-s

Is war inevitable?

We came into the world kicking and screaming and we're going to go out that way!!!!!!!!!. Go Bluecats!!!!!!!!!!!!. Kickbootyhiny

Was World War I not inevitable?

Close consideration of the facts themselves, or of thoughtfulhistories of the facts, strongly suggests that World War I was infact not at all inevitable. As with most signific

Are wars inevitable?

Wars happen for a lot of reasons: scarce resources, religious hostility, ethnic strife. If you have an optimistic view of humanity, perhaps these are all things which can be o

Is World War 3 inevitable?

In a simple way, it is possible to prevent a world war three, and it never needs to happen, as long as we put logic in front of action and work Diplomatic towards preventing
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Was the outbreak of world war 1 inevitable?

The alliances of nations and the political differences of the two factions ultimately led to the onset of WWI after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary
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Why was world war II inevitable war?

The war was inevitable for a multitude of reasons, however, thereare two major reasons. Nazi Germany invaded Poland, which broughtEngland and France to declare war on Germany.