Foreign policy during the cold war?

The US foreign policy during the Cold War was the Truman Doctrine, which was to prevent the expansion of communism to new nations. In other words, containment.

What were the goals of the US foreign policy during the cold war?

Well I remember that it was to push a conflict in between nations to its highest point so the US could have maximum power over it. By conflict I mean like just disputes not ac (MORE)

Because of the Domino Theory what kind of foreign policy did the US have?

The domino theory supported an interventionist foreign policy. The US feared to allow any single nation to become communist since that was expect to lead to a whole series of (MORE)

What did the cold war have to do with The Domino Theory?

The Domino Theory is the term given to the "Wests" fear of the spread of Communism, it was believed at the time that if one Asian Country like Vietnam for instance were to fal (MORE)