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What Army of veterans who demanded compensation for wartime service?

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What is a wartime army unit?

A wartime army unit in the United States military is a unit that is  activated only during times of war. After the war is over, the unit  is deactivated and taken off the ro

Why should army veterans be honored?

  All veterans of all military services are honored on Veteran's Day, for their sacrifices in preserving the nation and all the freedoms American enjoy.

Service connected veteran appointment at a VA Clinic for compensation examination .AmI authorized travel reimburshment.?

If you travel at your own expense greater than 30 miles each direction to the exam location, you can request and receive mileage reimbursement from the VA. In many areas, y

Can a veteran apply for veterans compensation 65 years after discharge?

yes. there is no statue of limitations on how long you have to file between discharge and filing for benefits. I'll be honest though the average appeal review alone is over 49

Can being discharged from the army for mental reasons before 180 days of service disqualify a person from having veterans benefits?

It would depend on whether or not the mental (or medical) reason(s) for discharge are service connected. If the V.A. determines that the reasons are service connected, then yo

How do you Locate a Discharged Army Veteran?

People Search, Facebook, Myspace... there is no way to do it through the Department of Veterans' Affairs, unless you have good reason (law enforcement, government agencies, et

Is the American Association For Wartime Veterans a scam?

No, it may not be considered a scam in the literal sense of the word, but read on. AAWV is an organization that claims to educate vets on available government benefits for whi

Will there be an increase in veterans disability compensation for 2011?

NO! HR 4667 was signed by the president, however, HR 4667 only ties VA disability cola to social security cola. This formula uses the CPI (consumer price index) to rate inflat

Are army doctors veterans?

A "veteran" is anyone who has served in the Armed Forces of a particular country. Being a non-combatant is not a consideration.

Are there exemption for reporting compensation for 100 percent service connected disabled veterans?

apparently not. Im 60%, was in economic hardship deferment which I had to fight NELNET OVER, when I was upgraded. I was living onstreets of SAN DIEGO at the time and my VA dra