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What Army of veterans who demanded compensation for wartime service?

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If you were in the service for 5 months and have a military ID card does that qualify you as a veteran on veteran day?

It depends on your definition of veteran. If it means that you served in the military, then yes. Many offers and discounts apply to any former service member who can prove the

How many Puerto Ricans have died in military service peacetime and wartime?

Puerto Rico had 345 KIA during the Vietnam War. Puerto Rico had 732 KIA during the Korean War. There were 375 recorded KIA for WWII, but the list included (Army Only) men f

Are army veterans considered federal employees?

If they are on active duty, or Reservists on active duty, then yes, they are Federal employees. Retired Veterans are considered Federal retirees, as are Disabled Veterans rece

How do people demand goods and services?

When economists refer to the demand for goods and services, what they mean is, what goods and services are people buying. People demand things by buying them. If you demand to

How do you write a demand letter to an insurance company for workers compensation injury?

Workers compensation claims are asserted via a statutory procedure set out by the laws of each state. Compensation is paid according to a statutory formula based in part upon

How do you create demand for your products or services?

Creating DemandThis has been a controversial question in economics. Some economists have argued that this is the role of advertising. Advertising supposedly creates demand. Ot

What is your veteran service number?

For most claims since 1970, the veterans' Social Security Number is the service number. For earlier service, they may require the actual service number (i.s. US12345678, RA234

What did the Bonus Army demand?

The Bonus army was a group of WWI veterans which wanted their army paychecks early. You see, when they served they were offered money which was suppose to be accessible someti

What services are not provided by government crime compensation programs?

(1) the term "property damage" does not include damage to prosthetic devices, eyeglasses or other corrective lenses, or dental devices;(2) the term "medical expenses" includes

Is the American Association For Wartime Veterans a scam?

No, it may not be considered a scam in the literal sense of the word, but read on. AAWV is an organization that claims to educate vets on available government benefits for whi