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What Bad things that people do at the beach?

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Can good people do bad things?

Yes, most definitely. All of us fall short at times and make mistakes. Hopefully they are not big ones where others are hurt. At the right time, the right place, under the rig

How do people do bad things in school?

Most people do bad things in school to gett attention. Also they do it because they feel that they can, because the teacher does not punish them at all or the student just doe

Are there such things as bad people?

Yes there are. There are people that make bad choices over and over again. People have free will and some chose to do things like rob and hurt other people. Some people desire

What bad things did Charlemagne do to his people?

Well for one thing, when Charlemagne conquered the anglo saxons, he told them to convert to christianity, and killed everyone who would'nt. In one day alone, Charlemagne kille

Is it right to do bad things to bad people?

An extremely excellent question! It boils down to vengeance, or forgiveness? Help, or harm? Truth be told, nobody can answer this question for you. Sure, it might feel nice to

Why do people decide to do bad things?

most people when they experience problems or become distressful, they only think of making decision that are bad for their life, sometimes they may think of commiting suicide

What are bad things about the beach?

Hot Sand, Seaweed, never know whats in the water below you, The ocean has a drop off, And that the average male whale unloads about 400 gallons of whale semen into the ocean e