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What Bad things that people do at the beach?

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Why do people say bad nasty things.?

Sometimes it is because of a bad childhood or if the person is under stress or they have had people say bad things to them in the past.

Is the internet a bad thing and why?

  some people can go on pornographic material or bad things.   the internet can be a bad thing because it can have pornographic material and alot of violence

What are bad things about the beach?

Hot Sand, Seaweed, never know whats in the water below you, The ocean has a drop off, And that the average male whale unloads about 400 gallons of whale semen into the ocean e

What the good things and the bad thing about community?

Some good things about community are that people can rely on each  other for social interaction and safety. A negative aspect of  community is that we are often forced to in
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What bad things happen from drugs?

People think that drugs cant do really bad thigs but it does it might kill you from the first time you takes them and after you will feel pain and gets angry fast ,and lots of