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What Bodily functions are not affected by metmoblism?

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Does your mind affect your bodily function?

  Yes - the well being of the mind has a lot to do with the way we feel physically, note the way you feel physically if you are extremely worried over something, one can f

Cell processes affect all of bodily functions?

Pathophysiology is the study of how disease processes affect the  function of the body. Pathophysiology is very useful for EMT's to  understand how common illnesses and inju

What is the first bodily function affected by alcohol?

Brain, with the first few pegs, depends from person to person though!! Brain starts to get the first effects although bad effects. It goes into imagination rather than facing

What bodily function does metabolism not affect?

Metab does not affect the stretching of your left pinky toe. All your other toes are affected and all other body functions. I know your concerned of how that left toe will loo