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What Describes a major outcome of World War 2?

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What was the outcome of world war 2 for Jews?

The surviving Jews were of course released from the concentration camps. Most tried to return to a normal life, but in many cases that didn't work out well at least in the sho

World War 2 outcome?

Allies won, and at the Yalta Conference the Big Three forced Germany to give back all the land it conquered in Eurpoe when the Nazis took power.

What was the outcome for World War 2?

The main outcome was collapse of Nazi empire and Hitler. The atomic bomb brought about the Japanese surrender in the Pacific. The remaining superpowers, the Unites States

What was the outcome of World War 2?

Germany was completely conquered by the U.S.S.R, England, and the U.S.A in 1945, and the territory was divided between the above countrys. Japan surendered to the U.S.A in 1

World War 2 the outcome of the war?

World War Two was a battle between the Allies and the Axis. After a period of fighting from 1939-1945 the Allies (US, Canada, France, UK, Australia, and several other countrie

Outcome of World War 2?

Germany, Italy and Japan lost the war to allied powers................

What was outcome of World War 2?

well basically the war ended and alot came out of it. Jaoan got help from the U.s and got medical help for japan since they were greatly impacted by the radiation from the two