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What are the category of drugs?

simple catergories 1 legal to take any time e.g. paracetamal 2 illegal e.g. heroin 3 prescribed e.g. marijuana, only if prescribed if not then illegal
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What category of drugs are not drugs but poisons?

Your question implies that the qualities of being a drug and being a poison are mutually exclusive. Drugs are substances which alter normal bodily function; poisons are those (MORE)
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Drugs what is crack?

Crack is a powder, or a rock. You smoke it to feel a high. Not sure what kind of high, I personally have not smoked it.
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What does the drug crack do?

Crack is just a smokeable, freebase form of powder cocaine (AKA blow, coke, nosecandy, snow, yayo, etc.). The effects are almost exactly the same as powder cocaine. Increased (MORE)
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What are the drug categories?

Central nervous system depressants and stimulants, Opiates and Opiodes, and Hallucinogens and Marijuana (similar to hallucinogens but to a lesser and slightly different degree (MORE)

What are other drugs used with crack?

Any Other Drug you can think of is, Im sure every drug not just cracked is mixed with many other drugs by individuals every hour of every day all around the world. H,X,Morph,M (MORE)
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What drug category is cocaine and crack in?

Cocaine and Crack are Methamphetaimnes they are classified as such because they alter your bodys compistition so that an individual is able to stay up for days.

What drugs are the drugs in the Cannabis category?

errr cannabis i guess? lol. not quite sure i understand what your asking but i will try my best. If u mean types of cannabis, skunk (hydroponically grown buds, bred for stre (MORE)
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Which drug is also called crack?

You are referring to crack cocaine. It is the crystal form of cocaine which is heated and smoked. When it is heated, it makes popping or cracking noises.