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What German scientist is knownas the father of radiology?

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What did the German scientist Matthias Schleiden do?

  Matthias Jakob Schleiden was a a professor at the University of Jena. His studies as a botanist were of a microscopic art, he was a co-grounder of the cell theory. H

Who is a German scientist?

Albert Einstein Wernher von Braun, rocket scientist and architect of the US space program

What is father in German?

In German, father translates to Vater.  The formal form is Vater or  Papa. The familiar form is  Vati or Papi.

What does radiology do?

Radiology is a part of medicine that uses radiation and or xray to treat and diagnose diseases.

Why did German scientists go to the US?

For work. After the tides of war shifted to the Allies, even the scientists who were Nazi sympathizers understood that post-war employment opportunities would be better in t

Who are the most famous German scientists?

Albert Einstein Is probably the most well known German Scientist, known for his theory of relativity and the resultant formula relating mass and energy; E = mc2. He was the wi

Who is the father of in veterinary Indian radiology?

To the best of my knowledge, veterinary radiology was adapted by  numerous people from the developments in human radiology and there  isn't a specific person identified as "