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Does anyone know more about the group called Benefit who sang the song Sex Sells?

Ummm, Let's see, this band is kind of a mystery !! Well, I Google em, that what got me here at first place =D .. lol Here you go : 1st, you gotta read this part, which solves that mystery about "Benefit" : . The girls had problems with their UK record company Edel. Both singles were pro ( Full Answer )

Which group sang its a shame?

if it was the rap song, early nineties it would be monie love It was also a fairly big hit in 1970 by The Spinners.

What is the name of the group who sang the song of the fifties called sh-boom?

I believe it was the Elgins. Answer I believe it WA The Elgins The song was written by members of The Chords, who recorded it for the Cat Label:Early March '54 it went to #2, R&B and ~9 in the Pop chart. A few months later The Crewcuts waxed it( for Mercury) and it went to #1 staying there ( Full Answer )

What group sang the song My GTO?

Answer . "GTO" by Ronny and the Daytonas . (John Wilkin) The song that helped fuel the GTO craze. Verse 1: Little GTO, you're really lookin' fine Three deuces and a four-speed and a 389 Listen to her tackin' up now, listen to her whi-i-ine C'mon and turn it on, wind it up, bl ( Full Answer )

Which pop group sang the song Standing on the corner?

there have been 4. Louis Armstrong was the original, salty dod is the latest sorry. salty dog Also: The Four Lads - 1956 Dean Martin - 1956 The King Brothers - 1960 (Originally from the Frank Loesser Broadway show "The Most Happy Fella" (1956)

What group sang the Motown song can't get close to you?

The song title in American English was "I Can't Get Next To You" by The Temptations. Wriiten by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong (of 'Money-That's What I Want' fame).. The single (45 rpm) was released in July 1969 on GORDY 7093 with the 'b' side being "Running Away"

What group sang the degeneration x theme song?

D-Generation X, have had two different theme songs. One was known as The Kings and was sung and re-mixed by RUN-D.M.C. The original [ Which is used now ] is known as Break It Down, and is sung by The Chris Warren Band [ Also known as the DX Band ].

What r and b group sang song Gloria?

The r & b group that sang Gloria was Enchantment a soul group from the 1970s. It was from their debut album in 1976 of the same name.

What are family reunions about?

Family reunions are about reconnecting relatives where sharing past and present experiences are the highlights other than just fellowships. Getting to know the past and present relatives they never met. A closer tie or stronger bonding as the end result

What is the oldest family reunion in the US?

That would be the Johnson family I think. A good friend of mine goes to it every August in upper New York State near Malone I believe he remembers going since he was about 6 and his great grandpa Sweeny told him that he has been going for as long as he could remember. One of his aunts estimates it h ( Full Answer )

Will there be a family matters reunion?

I doubt it because Jaleel White specifically stated that he never wanted to play that role again, and he seemed serious when he said it. Hopefully he will change his mind because that is something I would love to see.. Jaleel White is, as they say, dead! I don't think he is, but I could be wrong. I ( Full Answer )

Is it proper to have showers at family reunions?

Family reunions are a gathering of all the family you can get together and a shower is only for one day and perfect timing considering most family members will be there.

What group sang the song pure energy?

I think you are referring to Information Society, and their song What's On Your Mind. This song has sample clips of Leonard Nimoy as Spock from Star Trek saying "Pure Energy" throughout it.

What group sang the song titled LIVE?

The group was called "Merry Go Round." The lyrics follow: Oh you're - the kind of girl - who's stopped yourself - from having a ball Oh - you think you live - but how can ya Locked up in four walls If you gotta go you better live your life before you pass away Don't waste a day All yo ( Full Answer )

What group sang the song She's got it?

She Got It " is the first single from 2 Pistols from his debut album Death Before Dishonor. It features T-Pain and Tay Dizm

What group sang the theme song to the Maverick TV series?

No group or individual singer has ever received the credit for singing the theme song to Maverick (the originial 1957 series). Many people believe it was one man whose voice was 'layered' to make it sound as if several singers were performing. The later series "Bret Maverick" had a theme written ( Full Answer )

What group sang the song Sailing?

There is more than one song called "Sailing" but probably the biggest hit was by Christopher Cross in 1980. It was a number-one single. The song was a phenomenal success, winning Grammy Awards for Song of the Year, Arrangement of the Year, and helping Cross win the Best New Artist award. The album i ( Full Answer )

How-to start a family reunion?

Here you can make family reunion a possibility. visit this site: family reunion and also this site where there are many (sites) in one in this site People search

What is 'family reunion' in Italian?

Una riunione di famiglia is the Italian equivalent of 'family reunion'. In the word by word translation, the indefinite article 'una' means 'a, one'. The feminine gender noun 'riunione' means 'reunion'. The preposition 'di' means 'of'. The feminine gender noun 'famiglia' means 'family'.

What are the lyrics to the song willie aames sang in the reunion movie?

I'm not sure of the lyrics but here is a link to the credits from that episode which include the name of the songs and who sang them and who the music supervisor is and maybe you can take the information and email the supervisor to track down the lyrics...I tried to find them for you and they are no ( Full Answer )

What was the TV commercial in the 1970's where a group of people sang a song for Pepsi?

I may be mistaken (as I was not even born until 1983), but I don't believe Pepsi had a commercial like that in the 1970s. In the 1970s, Pepsi's main marketing campaign was the "Pepsi challenge," where people would be given a blind taste test between Pepsi and Coke. Because Pepsi is slightly sweete ( Full Answer )

What do you do if no one commits to a family reunion?

If you have sent out invitations for a family reunion and have not received replies then phone or email each person who has not replied. Etiquette these days seems to have disappeared and often people will take their time committing to any event in their lives. If the family does not get along the ( Full Answer )

Question to ask at the family reunion?

Since you haven't seen your relatives for quite some time, it is best to ask them how they are doing, ask them how the kids are doing, and ask them to share stories so you would be updated. Just keep your questions more of making up for the lost time that you were not able to be there for some signi ( Full Answer )

What is a family reunion?

It is a get together with your family. Usually all of your family,even distant relatives.

How can you honor your grandma at the family reunion?

If you are eating, set her at the top of the table, maybe a small presentation, flowers or a collage of family photos in a large frame (or both). A small speech and a toast afterwards; all of these are gestures which puts her 'at the centre of attention' which is considered an honour in most culture ( Full Answer )

Which 1963 group sang scarecrow?

Terry Gilkyson wrote it and it is possible that his group, the Easy Riders, recorded it. The lead singer though songs a lot like Thurl Ravenscroft. I am doing research and will post it when I get more info.

What is a good family reunion song?

Lights of my hometown - Aaron Lines I hope you dance- LeAnn Womack Don't stop believing - Journey My wish - Rascall Flatts Get here if you can - Oleta Adams Hope this helped ! :)

What are the songs that the Beatles sang as a group?

there were a lot of songs but some include, boys,do you want to know a secret, yellow submarine, elagnnor rigby, a day in the life, a hard day's night my bonnie i want to hold your hand, i wanna be your man, etc.

What group sang Jesus freak?

DC Talk, but many ther bands have done their versions of the song including newsboys and tobymac both of which have members who were members of Dc Talk.

How do you say family reunion in Swedish?

Family reunion is familjeträff ("family meeting") in Swedish, as far as I know. If someone knows a more fitting term, please add it here.

Why did the children go to the family reunion?

A true family reunion to reunite the generations still alive so of course children would be involved. In these more modern times some families may feel a family reunion is only for the adults and it is a decision the entire families are going to have to make as to whether to include the children or ( Full Answer )

Where is the Walton family reunion show?

There are seven Walton's reunion films: "The Waltons: A Decade of the Waltons" (1980) "A Wedding on Walton's Mountain" (1982) "Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain" (1982) "A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain" (1982) "A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion" (1993) "A Walton Wedding" (1995) "A Walton Ea ( Full Answer )

What group sang the song Say My Name?

The group that sang the song "Say My Name" is Destiny's Child. The song was released on November 7th, 1999 in the United States and was released in other countries soon after.

What group sang the metal song Round and Round?

The song "Round and Round" was a song performed by the famous American glam metal band "Ratt". It has been released in 1984 and was actually the biggest hit of the band.

What group sang the song Just My Imagination?

Temptations was the group that sang the amazing song Just My Imagination. It is a beautiful song that puts me in a good mood. Everyone should listen to it once in their lifetime. Just a suggestion.

What group sang the song Sweet Home Alabama?

The group that sang the song Sweet Home Alabama is Lynyrd Skynyrd. They have been active from 1964. They originated in Jacksonville, Florida. Lynyrd Skynyrd split up in 1977 when an airplane crash killed the lead sing Ronnie Van Zant and Steve and Cassie Gaines.

What popular group sang the song Be Like That?

"Be like that" is the title of a song recorded by the American post-grunge band 3 Doors Down. It was released in June 2001 as the fourth single from the album "The better life".

What comedy group sang the song Sit on My Face?

The song "Sit on my Face" was performed by the comedy group Monty Python. They recorded a number of songs on compact disc for their fans continued enjoyment.