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What is a flower?

A flower is a small plant that contains pollen, nectar, and  usually petals. They can only grow in mild conditions and die out  during the winter seasons. Flowers are the re

Why do we have flowers?

Answer to smell them.... yay & there edible, meaning there food  (well some ar!) but they let out oxygen so therefore its good for  our environment! :)

What do flowers do?

Flowers are sexual structures. Their purpose is to attract  pollinators to the plant and guide these pollinators to the  nectaries of the plant while at the same time ensuri

Where is the flowers?

Flowers can be seen everywhere. Just look around and you can see flowers. Mostly flowers are planted in the house's garden and in the park.

A what of flowers?

That would be a "Bouquet of Flowers" if that's what you mean.

Were to get flowers?

Well there are loads of flower shops and there are free wild flowers in filds and forests and paths most flowers grow in spring e.g. blossem dafodials and buttercups dalidions
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What is the flower for?

So that people will get attractive to the flowers and we need  flowers because it can make the earth beautiful.