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What Represent a beta particle?

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What are beta particles?

A beta particle is either an electron or a positron emitted by an atomic nucleus in beta decay, which is a type of radioactive decay. The phenomenon of beta decay involves a c

What is a beta particle?

A beta particle is two particles emitted in the form of radioactive decay called beta decay. It is either an electron and an electron anti neutrino, which is emitted in beta-

Are beta emitters and beta particles the same?

  There is a difference between beta emitters and beta particles. In situations where an atomic nucleus exhibits nuclear instability due to too many neutrons for the numbe

Is beta decay the same as a beta particle?

  No, beta decay isn't the same as a beta particle, but a beta particle is emitted in beta decay.   There are two kinds of beta decay, and they are beta minus and beta

Which subatomic particle emits a beta particle?

The atomic nucleus can emit beta particles (beta radiation). A neutron emits a beta particle when it decays into a proton, and anti-neutrino, and an electron (which becomes th

What particles make up a beta particle?

These particles are more dangerous than alpha rays. They are negatively charged electrons . They have -1 unit charge and zero mass.