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What fuel does NASCAR use for its cars?

NASCAR to Use Unleaded Fuel in 2008. NASCAR announced that NASCAR teams would switch to unleaded fuel by the start of the 2008 season. This is a significant development for NA

Which is fastest and Indy car or NASCAR?

Indy Cars. They reach speeds a little over 230mph. NASCAR Sprint Cup cars are able to reach a little over 200mph on the straightaways on some tracks. They would be able to rea

What type of car is used in NASCAR races?

Depends per series. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series uses the COT (Car Of Tomorrow but now referred to Car Of Today). Dodge makes the Charger, Ford makes the Fusion, Toyota makes the

What types of cars are raced in NASCAR?

Typically sedans that are current model year automobiles compose the style of cars raced in NASCAR. Naturally, they are heavily modified and must retain the profile of factory

Who pays the NASCAR car owners?

The car owner, and the driver usually have a percentage deal, let's say, 50-50 split. The prize money from the race is split that way between the owner/driver. The sponser/spo

What is the NASCAR term in-car?

In-car means there is communication that is shared with the public. An in-car camera shows the public on TV what the driver sees. The in-car audio allows the public to hear wh

Is there a Kraft car in NASCAR?

As of 2010, There is no car solely with Kraft sponsorship. Kraft is still an official sponsor of Nascar. The Stewart-Haas Racing team will have Kraft Foods as one of their spo

At what speeds do NASCAR cars travel?

between 180-200 m.p.h. now if its on short tracks or road courses they would go between 105-140 on short tracks, on road courses they would go 60-150 m.p.h.

What type of engine does a Nascar race car have?

It depends on the manufacturer they are representing. Each manufacturer makes a special motor, just for racing. When I worked at Chevy, the public was not allowed to obtain th
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How loud is a NASCAR race car?

A NASCAR race car is measured to be about 125-130 decibels. So they are pretty loud. I have been to 5 NASCAR races and the sound doesn't bother me. It is still pretty loud eve