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Are all viruses man made?

A computer virus is nothing more than a computer program. Same with Worms and Trojan Horse Programs. They're just code written by a person (or people, as the case may be.) Fro

How are computer viruses made?

By learning a programming language. C and C++ are usually the ones used in viruses, but this is only true because these languages are very modular and functional, which means

How are viruses grown or made?

i believe they mean in vitro or in vivo, bcuz the book said they cant be made unless in host. so then it refers to in vivo and vitro

What are viruses made of?

protein, nucleic acid /\\ All viruses are made up of a core of genetic material ... nucleic acid, which is either DNA or RNA. This is surrounded by a protein coat.

Why are computer viruses made?

Cause some greedy people want to steel personal info like credit card numbers Source: technibble.com and my opinion and what I've herd.

How viruses are made?

Viruses are made by tiny micro organism( germs) that basically float in the air or surround you. You can get it from people sneezing or being by an sick person/ etc.

What are viruses are made of?

 What Are Viruses Made Of?   SORRY WE DONT KNOW THIS ANSWER HAHa   SAMMIE IS THE BESt  xccv cb bcz

What viruses are made up of?

Viruses are mainly DNA. They cannot reproduce themselves without invading a living cell and using its "machinery" to create copies. This is why they cause diseases.

Why were viruses made?

Viruses weren't so much made as evolved from complex molecules, they are probably the simplest form of life. (in some cases they aren't even classified as alive) Unless you'r

What is viruses made of?

The most basic viruses are composed of either RNA or DNA and are surrounded by a layer of protein subunits. Some viruses have a viral envelope that serves to protect the virus