What about baby girls 6 months of age how to treat them?

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What to do with 11 month baby girl?

well when a baby is 11 months you should start teaching her how to walk talk and you should defiantly get her clothes because shes almost going to be 1

At what age can a girl have a baby?

From a purely informational point of view: The girl can become pregnant as soon as her menstruation starts. (Or actually some 15 days before.) Menstruation have been known

Can girls have babies at age 13?

Girls of 13 are very capable of conceiving children. As long as she has started her period it is possible. However it is illegal to have sex under the age of 16- so obviously

Can girls under 6 have babies?

no of course, they need to start their period first. No, not unless they have some sort of hormone problem.

What size clothing does a 6 month baby girl wear?

aw usually in stores it has the tag where says a number and mth, mo, or m (month) so that's easy but really it all depends on the size of the baby the girl could need a bigger
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How do you lose a baby in 6 months?

Just do things that you are not suppose to do when you are pregnet. You can fall slip, exercise, take karate, do drugs, not feed yourself, commit suicide. Or you can easily an