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What actions do lions use to survive?

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How do female lions survive?

female lions survive by hunting for food and water. and trying not to get into fights that could kill her.

Why are reflex actions useful for an organism's survival?

  Without an automatic response to a simple stimulus which does not require mental processing, a human being would not be able to react to its' own functions being harmed

How do sea lions survive winter?

Sea lions have an incredibly thick layer of fat covering their entire body. This insulates them, keeping them warm. Before the cold weather really starts, sea lions hunt, and

What does a lion need to survive?

Lions need no more and no less to survive than other mammals. They  need shelter, food, and water to live and thrive. In order to be  happy, lions also need to live in large

How do lions survive in the winter?

They do fairly well. It isn't like it's really cold where they are, so plants don't die and the plant eaters (on which they prey) don't disappear. What actually happens throug

How do lions survive?

They survive by eating food and drinking water. At the water hole  that's where they find their prey!   Lions survive like every other animal. They eat, sleep, and  repr

What do lions need to survive?

Lions need each other to survive. The lionesses are the ones who hunt and the males lead. It would be hard for them to survive without each other.
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How do lions survive the heat?

Lions do not sweat. They expel heat by panting and radiating heat  from the skin. Most lions are very sensitive to heat and will avoid  any kind of activity in the heat of t