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What airlines considered members of Star Aliance?

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Is American Airlines part of Star Alliance?

No, American Airlines is part of the One World Alliance which includes BA and QANTAS.

Is Delta Airlines a member of the Star Alliance?

    No, Delta Airlines is not part of the star alliance but it is part of the second largest airline alliance called Sky Team which was founded in,2000 by Aeroméxico,

Why is sun is considered to be a star?

The reason is because it IS a star. Our sun is not any different than other stars in our galaxy. It is larger than many of the dwarf stars, and hotter than some, but cooler th

What are the member airlines in the star alliance network?

THAI AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL     AIR NEW ZEALAND     Member Airlines     * Air Canada   * Air China   * Air New Zealand   * ANA 

Are the planets considered stars?

  no. planets are bodies that revolve around starts. in our solar system, the planets revolve around the sun (which is a star).

Is KLM Airline part of the Star Alliance Group?

No KLM is part of SkyTeam alliance.

Why is the sun considered a star?

Answer   Because it's gravity is strong enough to cause nuclear fusion in it's core. Simply put, it IS a star.

Is perfume considered flammable to an airline?

It is considered to be a flammable substance, but in small enough quantities would be allowed to be carried on in cabin baggage. Ask the airline you are travelling with for

Is qatar airlines a member of star alliance?

No it is not. Very shortly it will be part of the OneWorld alliance.

Is british airlines a star alliance member?

British Airways is a Founder Member of oneworld Alliance. Five airlines from four continents - American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Qantas

Is the sun is considered a dwarf star?

Yes, the Sun is what astronomers call a yellow dwarf, stellar class G2V. The "V" part is what indicates that it's a "dwarf" (main sequence) star. The terminology is a little

Is the name of an airline considered plural or singular?

The name of an airline, such as Delta, Lufthansa, or Southwest, are singular nouns because they are each just one company. The names of airlines are also proper nouns because