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What and how are the fuel mixture adjustments done on a two stroke craftsman chain saw?

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What is fuel oil mixture for a 1991 Johnson two stroke?

  Most late model Johnson/Evinrude outboards carry a decal stating a 100:1 ratio. Being an old timer, I still prefer the ol tried and true 50:1 ratio, one pint of 2 cycle

Who builds sears craftsman chain saws?

  I think Poulan builds them. I've got a 20 inch and I'm not sold on it. It leaks oil when I put it away in the carrying case and is constantly hard starting.   My wife

Fuel mixture for homelite EZ chain saw?

  when you are mixing gas for a chain saw. it will tell you 40;1 or 50;1 that is how much 2 stroke oil is in it. you can buy at almost any hardware store little containers