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What are 3 functions of a metal primer in painting?

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How do you remove paint primer from linoleum?

You can remove paint primer from linoleum with hot water if the  primer is Latex based. Simple wet a cloth with hot water and put it  over the paint. Let it sit for a few mi

What is a paint primer?

A paint primer is the first coat put on a surface to ensure that the following coats of paint will adhere more closely to the surface. This is very common in house or automobi

Can you paint oil based primer over galvanized metal?

You will want to make sure the surface is etched, primed and a top coat applied prior to painting. If it's a really large surface, electrostatic painting is a really good way

How do you paint with primer paint?

You make sure your surface is clean and dry then roll the primer on. I prefer to use a heavy body primer like Kilz then I don't have to re-coat. One coat of a good primer does

Behr paint with primer on cabinets?

Behr primer and Behr paint are excellent for cabinets.

What do you do if your dog has ingested paint primer?

Please see the related link below for an answer from a veterinarian. If the dog vomits or has any diarrhea at all, take him/her to a vet immediately. You can find 24 hour vete

What is function of primer?

A primer is a starting point. In my early school days, we passed through primers 1 to 4 in which we picked up the skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, and rudimentary gramm

Do you have to cover interior primer with paint?

No, you don't have to but it certainly looks better. If it's in a store room or something like that, it's not necessary