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What are 3 functions of a metal primer in painting?

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What is a paint primer?

A paint primer is the first coat put on a surface to ensure that the following coats of paint will adhere more closely to the surface. This is very common in house or automobi

When is primer needed when painting?

Primer is needed when there is no existing paint is present. If new drywall is present then a drywall primer is applied, a paint primer then paint. Read the instructions o

What is the function of RNA primer?

RNA primers are used to initiate the DNA replication at the template strand. DNA molecules require a free 3' OH, to which it could add the nucleotides. This free 3' OH is prov

Can you paint over wet primer?

You possibly could but you certainly should'nt. Let the Primer dry thoroughly.   Answer:   Sandblasted steel is usually painted this way, refered to as the "wet on wet"

Can you mix paint with primer for interior?

Sure. You can mix them. Why would you? It will not help prime the walls or wood. The primer coat needs to be applied separately to be effective.

Can you mix latex paint with primer?

No. It will alter the colour and properties of the paint - but you can buy premixed paint and primer at the store that is designed to work together.

How do you get paint primer off of your skin?

Answer     waterless cleaner from the hardware store. Not sure of the name bit it's a brownish/grey gritty substance. Oily too.     Our skin is porous, and wha

How can you thicken primer for painting drywall?

You don't short of buying a better primer. I usually find it too thick.

Can you use primer instead of paint?

No I can't use primer instead of paint. Because, Primers can also  be used for dirty surfaces that for some reason, cannot be cleaned  or before painting light colors over e

Can you paint your car with just primer?

Yes you can. As a mater of fact I once had a car that had nothing but primer on it for years. The only problem with it is that it is a little unattractive and can be a bit of

Can you use primer as paint?

Yes.    The type of substrate (bare wood, unfinished drywall, concrete,  metal), the condition of the substrate (stains, damage, previous  layers of paint), and how t

What is function of primer?

A primer is a starting point. In my early school days, we passed through primers 1 to 4 in which we picked up the skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, and rudimentary gramm