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Happy words beginning with you?

  Words beginning with you are limited to forms of you, youth and young. If you mean "Happy words beginning with a U sound," perhaps you refer to euphoric.

What tech words begin with g?

Gates (owner of Microsoft)   Gateway (computer brand)   giga (sp?) bytes I tried the spell check with no luck)

Scrabble words beginning with g?

Great, get, give, gallop, galumph, giving, getting, got, girl, gibbon, gills, giraffe, girly, gun, gap, grate, grating, grant, granting, grunt, grump, grumpy, gas, gate, guy.

Happy words beginning with a?

Some happy words beginning with A are:adorableagileapplesauceamiableangelambrosiaattractiveargyleauntieapronarmchairanklets

What words begin with hard g?

The hard G has the guh sound.  The hard G will usually, but not always, take a hard sound when A,  O, or U comes after it.    Gab  Gag  Gain  Gait  Galactic  Gala