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Is McDonalds healthy?

Overall, the McDonald's menu is not healthy due to excessivesodium, sugar, preservative, and fat content. The stupid burgers and chicken nuggets they sell are completely100%

What are McDonald external influences?

If you are asking what influences the McDonald's Corporation, a very major one would be cultural. McDonald's adapts their menu offerings according to the country where they ar

What is McDonald?

McDonald is a mascot for the McDonald's restaurant chain that is popular around the world. There are many people that believe their food, and that of similar 'fast food' is a

What is the Mcdonaldization?

McDonaldization (or McDonaldisation) is a term used by sociologist George Ritzer in his book The McDonaldization of Society (1993). He describes it as the process by which a s

What is the McDonald?

McDonalds is the WOR ST place in the whole UNIVERSE and BEYOND to eat!!! It is SOOOO unhealthy and whenever I smell ANYTHING from there I 'throw up'! Imagine what would happen