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What are Nutrients found in plant products and fish?

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What nutrients found in fish?

There are nutrients found in fish. Some of the main nutrients  include proteins, vitamin B12, creatine, fatty acids and so much  more.

What plants are found in the betta fish habitat?

They are reputed to live mainly in the Rice Paddies, so Rice would be one of them Floating species is the Ceratopteris species also come from the Far Eastern Tropics so they w

Which nutrients are found in fertilizers and why are they needed by the plant?

Nitrogen [N], phosphorus [P], and potassium [K] tend to be the nutrients that are found in fertilizers. Nitrogen encourages proper root growth. Phosphorus encourages pr

What nutrient is only found in animal products?

There is no known nutrient that is only found in animal products. Although vegetarians and vegans often lack certain nutrients because a balanced diet is more difficult to sus

What vitamins and nutrients are found in fish?

Fish is naturally one of Nature's perfect foods. It's lean, full of protein, and an excellent source of omega-3 oils that reduce inflammation in your body and protect against