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What are Ten Characteristics that show the God Of Small Things is a postcolonial novel?

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What are Ten characteristic of living thing?

•Living things are made of cells.•Living things obtain and use energy.•Living things grow and develop.•Living things reproduce.•Living things respond to their envir

What is Postcolonialism?

  Postcolonialism refers to the discursive body of theory that avers the persistence of colonial practices, despite the disavowal of officially sanctioned colonial endeavo

What novels could you compare to the god of small things?

Gem Squash Tokoloshe - Rachel Zadok , Finding Myself - Toby Litt , Moon Tiger - Penelope Lively , The Powerbook - Jeanette Winterson , The Story of Lucy Gault - William Trev

How is conflict presented in the novel a god of small things?

The death of Sophie Mol is the focal point of the novel and serves as the day the tragedies of Estha's family begins to unfold. the death of Sophie Mol serves as a dark time