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How much is a print of WIJMER High Glory worth?

I have a large Wijmer sofa size print (original gold frame included 30" x 66"). It has a gold printed plate on the bottom of the print, with the name of the print (High Glory)

How much are Red Skelton original prints worth?

  Very little. Prints that were selling for $1000 in the 90s can be found for $200 on eBay (do an advanced eBay search and select completed auctions, the order by price).

How much are Anni Moller prints worth?

Anni Moller prints can run from $39.95 for smaller prints, up to $60.00 for larger prints, unframed.

How much is a print by Gene Gray worth?

I have seen some Gene Gray prints recently at a local antique store in Lexington and they ranged from $15-$30. Most were signed but not numbered. These were unframed in mint o

What are two Anthony Klitz Turner Wall prints worth?

The value of two Anthony Klitz wall prints depends greatly on the  title of the piece, its condition, and its serial number. The  Anthony Tony Klitz 'Guards at Wellington Ar

How much is a quarter with a printing mistake worth?

So many coins are minted(*) each year at very high speeds that all many kinds of errors can and do occur. Values can range from just a small amount over face value to many hun
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Is a print from 1941 by Donald art co worth anything?

The Donald Art Company produced prints. It is hard to say what any of those prints would be worth today. If one knew the artist and the number of prints originally produced,