What are advantages and disadvantages of flying kites?


How has being a gay comedian with cerebral palsy impacted your professional life?

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Why is drag important to fly a kite?

because the drag helps the kite have balance,and it helps the kite fly further and better,and if kite didnt have a drag force they wouldn't have balance when theyre flying and (MORE)
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What are advantages of kite flying?

Kite flyer's will tell you that flying kites will regenerate energy and has a way of reducing stress and tension of everyday life. Kite flying develops creative thinking, both (MORE)

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Where was kite flying invented?

  It was invented in china around 472-221 BC. It was used for military sources and to "heal illnesess". We do not know who invented it, but whoever did was a genious.
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How does a kite fly?

The way the string attaches to the kite causes it to stay at the proper angle; then the wind hits the front or top part first and moves to the bottom or tail, it forces the ki (MORE)
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Why does a kite fly?

Wind causes lift to be applied (suction on the top surfaces) just like on an airplane's wings, and the air below the kite bunches up, thus pushing up on the kite.
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