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What are different type of intonation?

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What are the different kinds of intonation?

  There are two types. JI= Just intonation ET= Equal temperment There are actually three MAJOR types of intonation. Pythagoreon intonation is the the last in additi

What is intonation?

Intonation is a word used to refer to how a sentence sounds. How a sentence sounds if it's a question sounds different from how a sentence sounds if it's a statement. If you s

Two types of intonation?

As far as I know , there are two main intonation patterns in  English: rising and falling intonations.

Explain the difference between rising-falling intonations with examples?

This is quite difficult to note in literature, unless the reader is told that a character has a rising or falling intonation. One good, contemporary example of this is in Ian

What is the difference between voice modulation and intonation?

The two terms, modulation and intonation, are related as they are both terms that describe voice and harmony. Modulation is related to inflection, in which the voice changes i

What are the different intonations of the word 'yes' that can result in different meanings?

yes with no intonation just means affirmative, agreed yes with upward intonation at the end 'yes?' is said in answer to one's name yes!! with louder, excited tone is a celebr

What is the difference between intonation and tone?

This is no expert advice, just a start for  other people to correct me.   'Tone' is the general sound of what somebody  says. For example, being angry, upset or happy can