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What are facts about Kentucky?


Just the Facts:

  1. Kentucky is the 26th most populated US State.
  2. Kentucky is the 22nd most densely populated US State.
  3. Kentucky's official state tree is the Tulip poplar which is really a magnolia.
  4. Kentucky is home to the world's largest cave system.
  5. Kentucky' official state fruit is the blackberry.
  6. Kentucky is the 37th largest US State by area.
  7. Kentucky was the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.
  8. Kentucky's official state bird is the Cardinal.
  9. Kentucky was the 15th state to join the Union.
  10. Kentucky's official state dance is clogging.
  11. Kentucky has eight electoral college votes.
  12. Kentucky's official state flower is the goldenrod.
  13. Kentucky Fried Chicken was begun in Kentucky.
  14. Kentucky's official state honey festival is the Clarkson Honeyfest.
  15. Kentucky produces Bourbon but the official state beverage is milk.
  16. Kentucky's highest point is Black Mountain at 4,145 feet.
  17. Kentucky is the 4th larges auto producing state in the Union.
  18. Kentucky is the home of the Kentucky Derby.
  19. Kentucky's official state horse is the Thoroughbred.
  20. Kentucky is the home of the International Bluegrass Music Museum.
  21. Kentucky's official state musical instrument is the Appalachian dulcimer.
  22. Kentucky is in two different Time Zones.
  23. Kentucky's offical state mineral is coal.
  24. Kentucky has 120 counties.
  25. Kentucky's official state music is Bluegrass Music.
  26. Kentucky's capital at Frankfort has the 4th smallest population of all state capitals.
  27. Kentucky has no official state grass but is known as the Bluegrass State.



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