What are features of federalism in India?

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What are features of federalism?

The features of the federalism is the king and queen ,nobles ,knights,and finally the peasants. These are the main features of the federalism.

What features does India have?

There are a variety of geographical features of India. Theseinclude mountain ranges, open plains, rivers, as well as sea.

What are the main features of federalism?

Federalism is a form of govt. in which the power is divided between the central authority and the constituent units of the country. It has two or more levels or tiers of gov

What are the features of federalism - similarities and differences in INDIA and US?

The term federalism is also used to describe a system of the government in which sovereignty is constitutionally divided between a central governing authority and constituent

What are features of federalism in India US- similiarities and differences?

India is a big country characterized by cultural, regional, linguistic and geographical diversities. Such a diverse and vast country cannot be administered and ruled from a si

What are the features of federalism in Belgium?

Federalism is the method of dividing powers so that the general andregional governments are each within a sphere, coordinate andindependent. The features of federalism in Belg

What are the key features of federalism?

Federalism is a system that calls for a strong central government.A federalist government has two tiers of power. The two tiers bothrule the people, but in different ways. Fun

What are the main features about Federal Government?

The Five Principles of Government found in the Constitution of the United States are---Popular Sovereignty; Checks and Balances; Federalism; Limited Power of the Government; S
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Working of federal system in India?

The working of the federal system in India is due to the IndianConstitution. In a federal state, there is two governments, centraland state.
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Is India a federal state?

The indian federation has the following features; 1) india had emerged as an independent nation after the bloodypartition. 2) the constitution declared india as a union of sta
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What are the features of a federal system of government?

It depends on what type of federalism you are talking about. There are multiple different types such as layered, mixed, fiscal, ect. But, federalism at it's basic is a governm