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What are neurons that carry impulses?

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Processes that carry impulses to another neuron are?

The functional and structural unit of the nervous system for fast  communication are called neurons. A neuron is made of cell body  with extensions which are the axons and d

What is the part of the neuron that carry impulses to the body?

  Synapses. Net flow of charged ions ("impulses") in neuronal cells trigger additional ion flow (ionotropic signaling) or neurotransmitter release (metabotropic signaling)

How a neuron generate and carries a nerve impulse?

A neuron generates generates a nerve impulse at a region just off the cell body called the axon hillock. That nerve impulse travels away from the cell body down the length of

Neurones carry electrical impulses How is an impulse carried across the gaps between neurons?

There are two ways in which an electrical impulse may be carried from one neuron to another. These junctions are called synapses. In a chemical synapse, the electrical impulse