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Nicknames include a, acid, animal, barrels, battery acid, beast, Big D, black acid, black star, black sunshine, black tabs, blotter, blotter acid, blotter cube, blue acid, blue barrels, blue chairs, blue cheers, blue heaven, blue microdot, blue mist, blue moons, blue star, blue vials, brown bombers, brown dots, California sunshine, cap, chief, chocolate chips, cid, coffee, conductor, contact lens, crackers, crystal tea, cubes, cupcakes, d, deeda, domes, dots, double dome, electric Kool-Aid, fields, flash, flat blues, ghost, God's flesh, golden dragon, goofy's, grape parfait, green double domes, green single domes, green wedge, grey shields, hats, hawaiian sunshine, hawk, haze, headlights, heavenly blue, instant zen, l, lason sa daga, LBJ, lens, lime acid, little smoke, logor, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, lysergide, mellow yellow, mickey's, microdot, mighty Quinn, mind detergent, one way, optical illusions, orange barrels, orange cubes, orange haze, orange micro, orange wedges, Owsley, Owsley's acid, pane, paper acid, peace, peace tablets, pearly gates, pellets, pink blotters, pink Owsley, pink panther, pink robots, pink wedge, pink witches, potato, pure love, purple barrels, purple flats, purple haze, purple hearts, purple ozoline, recycle, royal blues, Russian sickles, sacrament, sandoz, smears, snowmen, squirrel, strawberries, strawberry fields, sugar, sugar cubes, sugar lumps, sunshine, tabs, tail lights, ticket, trip, twenty-five, vodka acid, wedding bells, wedges, white dust, white lightning, white Owsley's, window glass, window pane, yellow, yellow dimples, yellow sunshine, zen, zig zag man Theres just a few for ya :P

**Pardon me, but being from the 1960's when LSD was first intro'd to popular culture, and being a mind expanse freak at the time myself, and having tried the FEW actual forms of LSD there really are, and knowing the various names that were truly accepted references to each form, causes me to absolutely reject the above list as a self-sanctified mental masturbation exercise. THERE ARE some proper nicknames in that list, but most are not.For Example., just because Joe on 114th Street begins referring to ORANGE SUNSHINE as "Florida's best" let's say, would not help someone in ARIZONA know what Joe is talking about because there are more days of Sunshine in Az, than there are in Florida FOR one, but mainly because he knows the LSD called ORANGE SUNSHINE as just that, Orange Sunshine.

What it appears has happened unfortunately is that instead of using nationally recognized reference names like 4-way Window pane, and Orange Sunshine, the unadulterated list has been ethnically filtered here in local communities around the Nation, but there is a dangerous side to changing Nationally recognized names to names the local yocals have come up with. The National names transcend a single generation, the Local names for a drug can be lost with the group who came up with it, see? Today, since there is feedback provided from each and every ethnic group via the WWW it is easy to see that the original reference names ARE CHANGED by people who get a head full of themselves, OR completely droppedby the yahoo that provided the above list as it appears in the case of the Iconic ORANGE SUNSHINE, one of the original 1960's widely used forms of LSD, (I have tripped on it 40-50 times. Also 4-WAY WINDOW PANE, another form that appears to have been given a shortened name to window pane. And, one of the best names of ALL-TIME is missing, PURPLE MICRODOT! ***The preceding listSHOULD NOT be taken as authoritative.*** Names are Important when it comes to LSD.


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