How would our founding fathers view Homeland Security?

Like any patriot, they would have been proud to defend their country. However, they would not have wanted to give up their personal freedoms in the process. The colonists didn (MORE)

Can you sue the Department of Homeland Security?

Answer . No. At least I certainly hope not.. Federal agencies can be sued depending upon the circumstances involved.. Homeland Security is a combination of federal law e (MORE)

Are the Boys Scouts being trained by Homeland Security for Obama Youth?

No. Obama Youth does not exist. The youth in question are not Scouts. This relates to an article in The New York Times titled "Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More, (MORE)

What exactly is a homeland security job?

There are various government agencies that may be considered a homeland security job. Examples of a homeland security job include anything that involves the safety and deterre (MORE)